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The “Ark of Noah”. What is it? Where is it? Why have people been obsessed to find this artifact? 

Before we get into that, first let me discuss a little as to why this website exists. Some 50 years of research (15 of mine alone) went into this website. This is not a site of fables but of science. This is the work of archaeologists, geologists, seismologists, paleontologists, meteorologists, biologists, zoologists, botanists, theologists, astrophysicists, glaciologists and many other types of PhD’s and laymen that have dedicated their time and in some cases their life to this study of our past history.

The links above will take you into a deep understanding of what the search has entailed over the years. I have tried to break down all facets of the search for the Ark of Noah that would suffice both laymen and scientist.

As you look through the evidence you will come to your own belief if such a great undertaking of building a boat like vessel to save mankind and all animals had ever taken place.

To understand this epic story we will have to journey back some 5,000 to 10,000 years.

A time not of cave dwelling individuals, but an era when science and knowledge of the universe was at its apex.

A time that alleges that man and angels roamed the earth together. When engineering some of the world’s greatest marvels were being constructed.


You will read top scientific research and come to an understanding that you never knew. Our history is just beginning to be understood. People, places and things that were once thought of as myths, are now facts.

This study will encompass all sciences as well as every literary source from stone, cruciform, papyri, animal skin to paper. All must be exhausted to come to a clear understanding of our past history.

We will spend much time in the archives of all faiths not just the Bible.

This site puts forth information from all sides of science. We will examine all claims and so-called proof. That is why the site contains researchers from every field of science and not just those that support the ark and flood theory.

Whether you are scientist or laymen, you have to look at all the evidence. You will hear and read from some very prominent researchers that claim many different opinions.

Was there a global flood or was it a local one? Was there a flood at all? Was this story borrowed from local legend or was it the other way around? If the flood took place where did the ark land? In the “mountains” of Ararat? (bible reference). Mount Judi? (Quran reference). Or someplace else all together as the Mandaeans (followers of John the Baptist ) believe. These are but a few issues that we will cover on this search.


Evidence is what we are looking for! We will study and pore over the data from the believers to the skeptics. From sound scientific data, to local legends. We will exhaust all means to find the truth.

This is not a one-sided biased web site. We will put forth all valid arguments both for and against the great flood and ark stories, which have survived in so many sources from our distant past. The field of researcher’s share many different ideas and opinions as to what may have happened. With such a diverse background of science, you will truly enjoy such a wealth of knowledge.


Enjoy the adventure.

Welcome to the search for, Noah's Ark.

Michael Castellano ( Website Director )

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The facts
The mission


Simple! Use all possible resources  to find the truth.

In the modern 21st century were have at our disposal a plethora of technology that was not around just 10 years ago. Because of satellite and ground penetrating radar particularly Lidar, we can scan the earth though forest and snow to find places lost in antiquity.

With underwater submersible whole civilizations once buried in our vast oceans are revealing their secrets for the first time. The understanding of our ancient history on this planet is taking on a whole new understanding.





A few of the Sources


* Experimental investigation of the solid state deformation properties of silicates at high temperatures

* Maps of the ancient world


* Current accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) analysis.


* The studies of plate tectonics & Pangaea 

* Properties of rock strata: static and dynamic analysis

* Animal & plant fossil studies

* Many types of extinction scenarios. Ice age, flood & meteorites.

* World population of animal species



* The complete old & new testaments including the apocrypha & pseudepigrapha


* The Koran

* The Egyptian book of the dead

* The works of Josephus

* Library of Nineveh


* Book of Li-Ki

* The works of Berossus


Oral & Myth Traditions


* The oral history of over 100 north & south American Indian tribes

* The history of Greek mythology

* Myths of the Druids


* Eskimo & Greenlander legends


* Oral history of African tribes


* Polynesian traditions


* Aztec, Mayan & Inca flood legends

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