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Yes, you could help in finding the greatest archeological find ever. Noah's Ark. How you may ask? The lists below are searches in which you could find the missing clue. Many pieces of the puzzle are out there waiting for someone like yourself to come across them. It might be as easy as asking a few close friends or relatives. Maybe you can ask your Priest, Pastor, Minister, Elder, Rabbi to HELP you. You might get them to ask the congregation for there HELP. If we all work together with Gods help, we can finish the puzzle. Yes you can be the link in helping find, the Ark of Noah.

Let's see how.


The Missing Stars and Stripes Issue

NOTE : The troop newspaper STARS AND STRIPES was issued in more than 30 different editions ( daily, weekly or monthly ). Each edition was prepared by its own staff, INDEPENDENT OF THE OTHER. ( Edward J. Reese - USA General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service )3/26/74

An alleged photo of Noah's ark was taken some time in 1943 or 1944 during World War II. This photo was then published with a story about the great ship in the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. It was also seen in its sister publication Yank here in the states at about the same time.


The article and photo is said to be on the front cover and it may have appeared in a Mediterranean or North African edition some time in 1943 or 1944.


This issue and photo could help in locating the whereabouts of the Ark. We are asking you to help us in finding this issue.


( The following are people who have seen or HAVE HAD the issue )


The following quote's are from :



 THE ARK, A REALITY? - Richard Bright


1943 AD - Dr. Chaunceford Mounce and Dr. Connor

1943 AD - WWII American soldiers and physicians serving in Tunisia during saw Noah's Ark picture on the cover of a Stars and Stripes Issue.


One of the earliest confirmations of the story comes through two southern California physicians, Dr Chaunceford Mounce and a Dr Connor, both of whom served in Algeria during the first 6 months of 1943, and in Tunisia in the last 6 months of 43. "If you could get the Stars and Stripes of the 12th and 15th Air Force I'm certain you'd find the story about the ship on Ararat...I saw the report on the front page of Stars and Stripes...Mediterranean copy sometime during the summer of 43," says Mounce.


1943 AD - Mr. Homer Wyman

1943 AD - WWII American soldier serving in Tunisia during summer of 1943 saw Noah's Ark picture on the cover of a Stars and Stripes Issue.

A gentleman by the name of Mr. Homer Wyman who also served in Tunisia during the  summer of 1943, clearly remembered the article in the Stars and Stripes. He said the story had created such a sensation at the Air Force base where he was stationed, "that the French chaplain had been moved to preach a sermon about Noah and the Flood the very next day at church"!


1943 AD - Vince Wills

1943 AD - WWII American soldier serving in Tunisia during the summer of 1943

Another story comes from Vince Wills who was with the 3356 Signal Installation Battalion attached to the Army Air Force. He clearly remembers the photo while serving in Tunisia around the summer of '43. Said, " it was an aerial shot that showed the ark shaped object protruding from the ice at an angle... "


1943 AD - Oscar Wild

1943 AD - WWII American soldier serving in Tunisia during the summer of 1943

In 1972 from a Mrs. Oscar Wild. She wrote, " My first husband, was an officer in World War II (with the 73 Station Hospital). He was a MAC officer - they were in Constantine and Claser according to various changes in the battle in Tunisia. He cut out and sent back the article and picture, which was printed in the Stars and Stripes in 1943. She goes on to say that she remembers the picture very well! (and this is the part that makes research personal note) That after she remarried she had done away with the  picture along with all his other memorabilia) "


The Missing News Reel






1942 AD - Ray Lubeck

1942 AD - American soldier Ray Lubeck views Noah's Ark in a 30 - 120 silent film clip on Midway Island in 1942.


Ray Lubeck was an alleged eyewitness to a silent film of 50 Russian soldiers marching past Noah's Ark near the top of Mount Ararat. Ray was a Machinist Mate 1st Class in the U.S. Navy on Midway Island in 1942. To keep up the morale of the Navy, Marines, and Air Force stationed on the island, movies would occasionally be shown. One film clip of between 30 seconds and a couple minutes showed 50 Russian soldiers marching single file down a ridge and past Noah's Ark. Since the film was silent, black and white, and older quality, there was an American commentator describing the scene in English and stating that the Russians were going on a campaign to fight the Turks although Lubeck did not notice any guns.


Lubeck stated that the dimensions of the ark appeared to be about 75 feet wide by 50 feet high by several hundred feet long and that it was completely intact with no damage at that time. He said there was a superstructure that

ran all the way from the front to back and was about 6-8 feet high with a roof on top that was pointed at about a 20 degree angle. Lubeck stated there was a keel perhaps 18-24 inches wide that appeared to run under the ship and up to a point on the bow. The bow was rounded and pointed like a boat not a barge. There was also a solid railing around the edge of Noah's Ark of wood that extended up about 3 feet.

He also said that as a machinist, he was used to constantly looking at blueprints which helped him memorize the dimensions of drawings better than most people. There were 30 or more people who witnessed the film. Lubeck

only knew one of them and he is already dead.


Lubeck said that he could not believe he was looking at Noah's Ark and the image was burned into his mind to the point that every boat he sees since then he compares to Noah's Ark.

Researcher and artist Elfred Lee signed rendition of what Ray Lubeck saw. 


1946 AD - Charile McCallan

1946 AD - American soldier Charlie McCallen views Ark in a 30 - 60 second news reel in a movie theater in Jackson Tennessee.

Charlie claims to have seen a newsreel that contained film footage of Noah's Ark sometime between July 4, 1946 & Late 1947 in a Jackson Tennessee movie theater. He claims that the length of the newsreel that preceded the movie he went to see was 30 - 60 seconds. Charlie was 100% sure that the newsreel stated that Major Bong took the film from his plane although it did not show Bong in the newsreel. ( Note that Ark researcher Rex Geissler has contacted Major Bongs' wife and in the 2 and some odd years they were together he never once mentioned to her seeing or filming Noah's Ark )

Charlie was 75% sure that the newsreel was narrated by Lowell Thomas which would indicate Fox Movietone News. ( Fox has been contacted and claims to have no such newsreel footage. Remember he was not totally sure on the narrator ) ( Paramount , Passe, Hearst, & Universal still need to be checked out. Not to mention Military film records )

Charlie is 100% sure that the structure was man-made.

Charlie is 100% sure that the object was Noah's Ark.

Charlie say's that the structure was kind of square shaped and that the front and top were broken which allowed many rooms to be viewed from both above and in the end of the alleged ark. The room looked almost square.

There were two to three levels. The wood was charcoal black in color.


Editor’s Note: After I received the above story, I was a bit skeptical. There are a few holes, but something told me to post anyway. A few weeks later I received the following email from gentleman, also from Tennessee.



1956 - 1957 AD - Herb Knee

1956 - 1957 Herb Knee watched a news reel of Noah's Ark in Jackson Tennessee ( Below is his unedited E-Mail )

" dear michael..i wanted to add some info for you..i read the account of the

person who saw a newsreel of the ark in Jackson Tennessee also saw a

newsreel of the ark..when i was 7 or 8 years old which would have made it

about 1956 or 1957..i went to the oldham movie theater on the square in

Winchester Tennessee on a Saturday morning to see a movie....back then all

the movies had a newsreel and a cartoon before the movie..there was a short

black and white newsreel that showed the ark..there was an old man and a

young boy in the film..reminds me very much of Hagopian and his uncle..and

it very well could have been them..they walked around and on the surface of

the ark..someone else either shot the film or the camera had an automatic

setting on it..but it must have been someone else because cameras didn't have

that technology back then..the pictures clearly showed the ark..the ark is

definitely doubt about it..anyway..the newsreel was very short..i

dont remember exactly how long..maybe 2 minutes or so..i will never forget

it..i hope someday to go to the mountain to see the ark for myself..if you

know of anyone planning an expedition please let me know..i definitely want

to go..thanks...herb knee...Murfreesboro Tennessee "


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