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Michael J. Castellano.jpg

Michael Castellano


Has studied theology, ancient cultures, and mythology for well over 32 years. Michael has contributed his research to books, magazine articles and web blogs for the main purpose of separating truth from fiction.

John McIntosh.jpg

John McIntosh M.S.


John McIntosh M.S. has been one of the most persistent, consistent, and respected ark researchers in the modern era. His background is in physics, math, astronomy, earth science and geology. Has been to Mount Ararat more than 15 times.


Dr. Walt Brown PhD


Walt Brown received a PhD. in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow. He is the author of the book, In The Beginning.

Carol A. Hill.jpg

Prof. Carol A. Hill


Carol Hill is a geologist who has worked in the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Cavern (and other caves) for over 40 years. She has published her research in many books and in other professional publications, Her latest book is a joint effort, The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth: Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon?  

Dr. J Randall Price.jpg

Randall Price PhD


Randall Price PhD in Middle Eastern Studies with a concentration in Hebrew and Archaeology. He has done graduate work in biblical and archaeological studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of the book, The Stones Cry Out.

John C. Whitcomb Th.D.jpg

John C. Whitcomb Th.D


John C. Whitcomb Th.D. Theology Professor, Old Testament Scholar for more than 50 years. Princeton University Graduate. Co-Author of, The Genesis Flood

Dr. William B. F. Ryan.jpg

Dr. William B. F. Ryan


Dr. William B. F. Ryan is a Special Research Scientist in Marine Geology & Geophysics , Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) , The Earth Institute.  He is co - author of the book "Noah's Flood"

Dr. John Morris.jpg

Dr. John Morris


Dr. John Morris, perhaps best known for leading expeditions to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark, received his Doctorate in Geological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1980. Author of many books including "The Genesis Question".

Prof. Walter C. Pitman.jpg

Prof. Walter C. Pitman


Walter Clarkson Pitman III is a geophysicist and a professor emeritus at Columbia University. He is co - author of the book "Noah's Flood"

Hugh Ross PhD.jpg

Hugh Ross PhD


An astronomer and astrophysicist. Postdoctoral studies at Cal tech where he researched quasi-stellar objects, or "quasars,". Author of many books including "The Genesis Question".

BJCorbin (1).jpg

B.J. Corbin

Explorer & Researcher

B.J Corbin 

Co-Author and Originator of The Explorers of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark Book      

Rex Geissler.jpg

Rex Geissler

Explorer & Researcher

Rex Geissler, BS Science

Co-Author of The Explorers of Ararat: And the Search for Noah’s Ark Book      

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